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NFT Project You Can Buy To Donate Crypro To Ukraine

As the world watches the horrific turn of events in Ukraine, like many I’m moved by the unfortunate circumstances happening to many innocent civilian lives that have been lost or have been displaced and wondered how I can help.

In an effort to raise funds for an incredible cause, I’ve created a limited edition NFT titled Дай мені надію - “Give Me Hope”. The NFT is of a little girl holding a Ukrainian flag with her country’s symbolic sunflower headband. The charity I’ve chosen is Nova Ukraine ( ) and it's one of the largest Ukrainian aid organizations. The charity works diligently to provide humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable groups: women, children, and elderly people in Ukraine that have been impacted by this war.

In support of Ukraine through my creation, the first copy of my NFT Дай мені надію - “Give Me Hope” will be donated to the Ukrainian government and 100% of the funds of the sales of “Give Me Hope” will be donated in ETH to the charity's wallet.

There are many ways to make a difference during this time of need as the world comes together in support of the Ukrainian families that have been impacted by this war. Please participate and help those innocent, courageous, and brave Ukrainian people who are suffering and in great need of simple acts of kindness. They did not deserve to have their lives disrupted and destroyed. Many refugees will be in dire need of basic supplies, food, places to live, and resources as they’re now forced to rebuild their lives.