2023 Original Contemporary Art

How To Commission The Perfect Artwork

Whether you are a private collector or interior designer purchasing art for a client, commissioning a painting is an exciting process, which will result in an original artwork being made specifically for you that you won’t see anywhere else.

It goes without saying that you should approach an artist whose work you like the most.

If you know the kind of medium you’re interested in, look for those who specialize in that particular technique. Be certain of the style you want and look out for how your needs mesh with the artist’s visual vocabulary.

Do your research in advance and try to conceptualize and visualize so that the artist can “feel” what you are “seeing”. This will help him or her to understand what you wished to have created and portrayed in your painting. Without some clarity or vision, it is not within the artist’s scope of talent or skill to envisage exactly what you have in mind. This can be sometimes difficult but if you are clear in regard to what you wish the artwork to portray, this can relatively easily be reflected in the end result.

Having the same budget in mind is essential to a successful relationship. You are paying for a purely custom piece of art with a specific style, colors, size, and medium which must be communicated in detail. Commissioned paintings are priced higher than comparable pieces in the artist’s portfolio because of the additional time and effort to consult with all parties to create a very specific, custom artwork. 

Commissioning art is a fun and unique experience. If you are an art collector or a first-time art buyer, I will work with you to make the process enjoyable and easy. Whether on the phone or in person, we will discuss what you have in mind, what inspires you, and what you resonate with from my artistic portfolio. I want to hear your ideas or a general overall taste and feeling for the space you are decorating.

I will continue to work closely with you in order to create a piece that is one of a kind, unique, original, and true to your likeness and personality.

Please contact me for all commission inquiries or any questions about my commissioned artwork: kasiag.art@gmail.com