My New Largest Painting

I bought myself an oversized canvas that I was going to cut into smaller pieces. Once I laid it on the floor I changed my mind and decided to keep the original size and paint my largest piece ever. After I came up with a new idea for my artwork I was excited and delighted to experiment and try something new.

To me creativity is part of what makes me human, is about seeing things from a new perspective knowing that no one sees the world the same way that I do. Painting allows me to explore my creative soul, helps me to be connected to myself and helps me to find my individual voice so I can share my unique perspective with the rest of the world.

I love pushing myself further embracing the discomfort from setting myself apart from others without losing touch with that inner playful child. When I paint I am in the moment and fully present, I am in my own world that lets me forget about a sense of time and space.

So here is my latest available artwork, size 100" x 63" (H x W) on unstretched canvas. Please contact me at for more info and price.

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