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What Is Contemporary Art?

What Is Contemporary Art?

The beginning of the current period in the history of art was set in the middle of the 20th century, more precisely after the end of World War II. The term contemporary art refers to various branches – painting, sculpture, or photography. Today, the role of art is different than many, many years ago. What does that mean exactly? What is contemporary art? You will find out in this article.

Contemporary art is diverse art. It is an artistic creation that includes not only paintings and sculptures, but also collages, animations, and visual lights. Often artists combine seemingly incompatible forms to surprise. Contemporary art is art accessible to every recipient who wants to get acquainted with it. These do not just work for a handful of people, but projects for literally everyone. This is due to the ease of access to such art. It can be found not only in galleries but also in the media and even on the street.

What distinguishes contemporary art from other epochs is changeability. It is constantly evolving and changing, and there are plenty of styles. That is why it is so difficult to define contemporary art – it does not fit into a specific framework. However, it has one the most important task, which is to provoke the recipient.

What Is Contemporary Art?
Black And White Minimalist Contemporary Art

Geometric Contemporary Art 2023
Geometric Contemporary Art

Geometric Minimalist Contemporary Art Prints 2023
Geometric Minimalist Contemporary Art Prints

Contemporary Abstract Face Art 2023
Contemporary Abstract Face Art

Contemporary Art And The Role Of The Artist

In the period of contemporary art, the role of the artist has changed. From a craftsman, he became a commentator on reality. His task is to answer bothering questions, as well as to force the viewer to reflect and look for answers. Aesthetics is less important than it used to be and the artist concentrates on making people think. The artist also uses various means of expression to surprise the recipient.

The canvas is not only the support but also other surfaces, even his own body. The role of a painter or a representative of another branch of contemporary art is to conduct a dialogue with the viewer. This is facilitated by the fact that the projects are now available not only in the gallery but also on the street or in the media. So you have them almost at your fingertips.

Get To Know The Features Of Contemporary Art.

Now it’s time to get to know some characteristic features of this period of artistic creativity. One of them is diversity, which concerns the subject matter, form, or materials used. There is no single ideology characteristic of all creators. Artists run away from known schemes and escape any framework. They create exactly as they want and introduce innovations that relate to the techniques of creation. Contemporary art is everywhere and the creators are easily accessible to almost every recipient.


Original Contemporary Art On Canvas 2023
Original Contemporary Art On Canvas

Discover The Trends Of Contemporary Art

It is important to know not only what contemporary art is but also what trends it covers. One of them is conceptualism, for which the thought contained in the work is more important than the work itself. Duchamp is considered to be one of the fathers of conceptualism. A well-known trend in contemporary art is street art and graffiti.

Op-art, or optical art, is also an important trend. It consists in creating works that are supposed to affect the human eye in a special way. The paintings look as if they are moving, which is possible thanks to the appropriate combination of geometric patterns and colors. In the 1960s, minimal art developed in the USA, i.e. art that is extremely economical in expression.

Contemporary Surreal Digital Artwork
Contemporary Surreal Digital Artwork

So what is contemporary art?

Simply it’s the art of our time. As the world veers more and more in a digital direction, art has begun to take new forms. The emergence of blockchain technology has opened new opportunities for digital artists to take ownership of their work. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) allows artists to list their creations on digital marketplaces through a digital ledger.


Contemporary surreal oversized original paintings 2023
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